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AdVCaster Ntrip Caster - Status Page
Source: AdVCasterV1.13-Grid, March 2022
(c) SenSW, 10707 Berlin, Germany

last Adjustment: 31.05.2022 17:29:05 (UTC+-0)
Host curr. Date: 15.08.2022 06:56:16 (UTC+-0)
Ntrip Tables

SOURCETABLE (complete NTRIP sourcetable)

Casters (only Casters information of NTRIP sourcetable)

Networks (only Network information of NTRIP sourcetable)

NTRIP Streams (only NTRIP streams without positions forwarding)

Positions Forwarding Streams (only NTRIP streams with positions forwarding)

Post Streams (only posted NTRIP streams)

RAW SOURCETABLE (the raw ASCII output of the NTRIP sourcetable)

AdVCaster Users

User Tables (for Admin only)

AdVCaster Informations

Internal Informations (for Admin only)

Last update: 2022-08-15 06:56:16 (UTC+-0)